The Pirate Log

2018-2019 Staff

Jacob Ford

Sales Manager

Jacob A. Ford is a senior and is involved in Journalism, NHS, and FCCLA.  He serves as the Sales Manager for the Pirate Log and Potonian.   View some of Jacob's best work here.

Brittany McMillan


Brittany McMillan is a junior. She is a journalist, thespian, and does debate and forensics.  She is the Academic Editor for the Potonian.   View Brittany's best work here.

Allegra Pradelli

Features/Opinions Editor

Allegra Pradelli is a Junior Exchange Student from Italy. She's involved in basketball and chorus.   View Allegra's best work here.

Chelsea Spearman

News Editor

Chelsea Spearman is a sophomore and is involved in FCCLA and Debate And Forensics.   View Chelsea's best work here.

Sara Fowler


Sara Fowler is a Sophomore at Poteau high school and she is part of Poteau High School Marching Band and FFA.

Tanner Schmuck


Tanner Schmuck is a Senior and serves on the Pirate Log/ Potonian Staff. She is involved in the Art Club, NHS, and writes articles for Journalism.  Her work will be published in the Pirate Log, and her photos will make an appearance...

Mackenzie Chavez


Mackenzie Chavez is a Freshman at PHS and is part of Poteau Marching Band/Color Guard.   View Mackenzie's best work here.

Reagan Bullard


Reagan Bullard is a Freshman. She is involved in Cheer, Band/Color guard and student council.   View her best work here.

Lakota Bohanan


Lakota Bohanan is a sophomore at Poteau High School. Is involved in showing, journalism, FFA, and public speaking.   View Lakota's best work here.

Dreama Tucker


Dreama Tucker is a Sophomore at Poteau High School. She is sixteen years old.  Her activities include band, Journalism and FCCLA.   View Dreama's best work here.



Triston Barber is a freshman at Poteau High School. He plays third bass drum in the Poteau marching band, and is part of the  journalism team, and a thespian pledge. He enjoys relaxing and watching Youtube, but is very busy most...



Kaitlin Dodson is a junior who enjoys reading,drawing, and listening to musicals. She is involved with theatre, and is hoping to get more involved with other activities around campus sometime in the school year.   View...

Emily Teague


Emily Teague is a freshman at Poteau High school. She is a part of the Pride of Poteau Marching Band/Colorguard and Journalism. View Emily's best work here.  

Alyssa Driver

Photo Editor

Alyssa Driver is a Junior. She is involved multiple activities including Color guard, Pirate Players Theater Company, Secretary of Thespian Troupe #3283, Art Club, GSA, and NHS. View Alyssa's best work here.

Raul Becerra

Copy Editor

Raul Becerra is a senior. He is a three year thespian and is the treasurer. He is also involved in other activities, such as Debate and Forensics, Band, and GSA (Gay Strait Alliance.) He plans on going to college after high school...

Molly Clarke


Molly Clarke is a junior.  She is a member of the Pride of Poteau Marching Band/Color Guard, Art Club, Pirate Players Theatre Company, and Thespian Troupe #3283.  She enjoys makeup and pugs. Check out some of her stories ...

Kinsey Peck


Kinsey is ajunior at PHS.  She is involved in Color Guard, Pirate Players Theatre Company, and Thespian Troupe # 3283.  From time to time, her photography has been featured in articles in the newspaper and yearbook.

Noah Sweet

Managing Editor

Noah Sweet is a senior at PHS. This is his third year writing for the Pirate Log, but journalism is not Noah's only passion. He is involved in many different activities across Poteau's campus including: the Pride of Poteau Marc...

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