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Triston Barber, T/E Editor

March 29, 2019

There has been lots of speculation about the new S10 flagship line over the last couple of weeks. Luckily for us, the official specs have been released. You’ll be able to get yourself one of the new Samsung phones by Friday, M...

Bandersnatch Movie Review

Bandersnatch Movie Review

February 13, 2019


Emily Teague, Copy Editor

January 25, 2019

On January 6th , 2019, NBC held their annual awards show, the Golden Globes. For the 76th year, countless celebrities flocked to Beverly Hills, California to see the outcome of the numerous nominations of last year’s best TV shows ...

In Defense of Queen’s Hot Space

Raul Becerra, Copy Editor

December 19, 2018

When you think of one music genre that a lot of people seem to hate, you tend to think of disco. Disco was hated by many in the 1970s and 1980s and rallies were happening to destroy disco. So when Queen came out with a disco alb...

Xanadu Review

Xanadu Review

November 6, 2018

Introducing iOS 12

Introducing iOS 12

November 1, 2018

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