Veterans Day 🇺🇲

Veterans Day 🇺🇲

Eve Garcia

   Every year since 1954 we have been celebrating Veterans Day in honor of all the men and women who served our country in the military. It was originally called Armistice Day in honor of  the ending of WWI 1918 but it was later changed to Verterans Day so everyone not just the people who served in WWI would be honored.

   Many Americans get Memorial Day and Veterans Day confuse but the main difference is that Memorial Day is mainly for the people who died in service. It is a federal holiday and there are a couple of countries that have a similar day like ours for example Canada, Great Britain, and Australia. 

   We shouldn’t forget what these courageous people did for our country in every war. We shouldn’t forget what the represent or what they fought for.  It is for our freedom that we have thanks to their sacrifice. They are not just veterans they are warriors. 

    If you see a veteran today thank them for they have done for everyone today. I bet it will make their heart happy and make them feel appreciated. 

    To the warriors of the United States : Thank you so much for fighting for our country, our freedom, and our happiness.