What makeup does to your skin

Eve Garcia

    How many times have you woke up before school or work and complained about having to make time to put make up on? Many makeup lovers have this problem and in some cases you wake up early to fit it into your busy schedule. However, what are the effects of makeup on your skin? Have you noticed more breakouts, little small bumps, oily skin, or drier skin? 

    There is acne caused by makeup called acne cosmetica and it is usually located by the forehead, chin, and cheeks. It is caused by the clogging of the pores if the face is not cleaned properly after the use of makeup. They are tiny bumps that seem like they are poppable but are not and there are also some whiteheads. This acne develops from maybe a couple of days to a couple of months and it makes it difficult to know what makeup products is causing it. If you use multiple concealers, multiple primers, multiple foundations, and multiple setting powders it will be hard to know which one to hold responsible for the acne. On the flip side if you just wear one foundation and don’t use more products it should be easy to hunt the culprit down. 

     Here are some tips to help your skin be healthy and clean !

  • Do not go to sleep with makeup on because it summons acne !
  •  Wear sunscreen daily because it prevents premature aging and protects your skin!
  • Do not share makeup because it spreads bacteria that worsens acne!
  • Try finding effective cleansing products for your skin type (oily ,dry, sensitive, normal,or,  in-between) 

Ex. of Acne Cosmetica