Eve Garcia

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is an online application you need to fill out to get money from the federal government that will help you pay for college. You do not have to pay that money back! If you have not filled out a FAFSA application yet it is recommended that you do so. Applying for FAFSA has many benefits even if you do not believe you qualify, it is beneficial to fill out the form for any possible benefits. Filling out the application qualifies you for federal grants and student loans that have a lower interest rate than your normal student loans. Many scholarships and grants require you to have filled it out in order to qualify for their benefits. 

 FAFSA site – 

**Facts about FAFSA

  • Number of student with loans: 44.7 million  
  • Amount of money allotted is $6,345 and even more 
  • The FAFSA is free—you don’t need to pay anyone to prepare it for you ! Ask the counselor or a teacher if you need help!
  • Federal student loan borrowers have a six-month grace period before you begin making payments meaning you don’t have to start making payments after six months.