Leadership Service In Action

Jayden Byrd

PHS has had a FCCLA program for years. FCCLA stands for Family, Career and Community Leaders of America.Mrs.Upton is coordinator of the program. Before teaching at the high school, she taught middle school facs. “Middle school FACS is a lot different from teaching high school but I’ve taught high school before. I came back because I missed my high school students.” I asked Mrs.Upton “Is the FCCLA program how you would like it to be?” While Mrs. Upton is pleased with the current program, “There is always room for growth, and change is exciting! So we are always up for new ideas”

PHS FCCLA is all about being a community, they are there for each other as if they’re a family. FCCLA has some really cool events that are coming up, like their officer retreat and their drive in movie night. With these upcoming events, FCCLA is going to have a busy year, but all in all it should be a breeze. So if you’re a people person and you like helping out others, then FCCLA would be a great program to join.With that being said keep a lookout for updates on the Poteau Pirate Log!