Virtual Learning and Alternative Education

Maggie Barker

This year at PHS they have introduced  “Virtual learning”. With Covid-19 hitting 2020 hard this year, PHS has given kids this year the option to do virtual learning. The current teacher of virtual learning, and Alternative learning is Mrs.Barbee. You may ask well what is alternative learning? Well alternative learning says Mrs.Barbee “is when students are working to get credits for graduation”. Virtual learning is a new option this year for kids. Virtual learning is where a student decides to do their classes online, using the format Plato courseware through Edmentum. 


Mrs.Barbee says that ‘She isn’t over quarantined students. If you are quarantined this year you will stick with all the same teachers and work with them.’ She also said that “coming to school before I only had about 10 students, in addition to about 50-60 alternative learning students, this year she has about 360 virtual students”. So this year you can tell how different it is from last year to this year. She helps with Pre-k- 12th grade, for virtual. 


This is a very eventful year! It may be a very chaotic year, but with some Poteau Pride I’m sure we can all work together!