Keeping up with Drama

Ally Smalley, Staff

Speech/drama and debate

Poteau high school speech and drama has some exciting events coming up this year. To get some insight I spoke with Drama sponsor and speech coach, Heather Slater.

After the first few months heavily impacted by COVID, they are hopeful for fall.

“ We actually have two things coming up in the fall. We are going to have a project that will most likely be online and then we have a play we are working on called ¨stranded”. Each student will present a different character who is stranded on a cruise ship. They have been stuck there for weeks and they are learning how to deal with being stranded in the middle of a pandemic. Hopefully, we can also get that online once we are ready. Our students are also preparing for competition, we have our forensic team that regularly goes and competes at different schools but this year we will be preparing some material early and sending it in virtually.¨

Enlight of covid, they still hope to go to tournaments this year.
“ Well, I hope that we get to go to our first tournament in person. Especially, for the students who have never gone to a tournament before. I am not sure if we will get to do that or not, but that is what I’m looking forward to.”

I asked what she thought was a common misconception.
“ That it is not for everyone. When really there is room for everybody to be involved, even if you are not on the stage. There are things that go on behind the scenes that require people who can plan things, the artist who can paint sets among much more. It takes everyone and there’s no small part. “

The pros and cons.
“ as a student, one of the pros is learning that you have a voice and this is somewhere you can feel welcome and be with people who like the same things as you, finding your people. A con is that it can be very time-consuming. If you’re doing a play, you have to dedicate your time after class and give up some free time.’

When asked to Explain to someone who knows nothing about speech what it is in 3 sentences she said “ forensics, also known as speech, is a competitive event where students go to other schools and speak or act or present. They are up against students that are in the same class. You will win awards and if you advance can go to regionals and state.”