In the fourth installment of a series providing you with recommendations and suggestions of what to watch or read during quarantine, I figured that I would provide you with recommendations of what YouTubers to watch during quarantine. 

Madeline Brennan, Entertainment/Technology Editor

I often find myself resorting to YouTube and watching the same videos rather than watching a movie I’ve never seen or a reading book I’ve never read, so here are some of the best:


  1. Stephanie Harlowe

– Stephanie Harlowe is a true crime Youtuber who does in-depth series on everything from serial killers to cults. Harlowe is incredibly detailed in her reporting, and the perfect person to start with if you’re interested in the True Crime side of YouTube.

  1. Watcher

– Helmed by Shane Madej, Ryan Bergara, and Steven Lim, Watcher Entertainment is filled with fun series that are full of laughs. My top recommendation would be their series “Puppet History.”

  1. Be Kind Rewind

– This channel analyzes former Best Actress winners, brilliantly relating their individual stories to the larger narrative of the film industry at the time. It’s always educational, and never boring!

  1. The Take

– If you’re just getting into video essays, this is the best place to start. While I tend to prefer others video essayists, this is a great launching place for anyone interested in dissecting different topics, and informative.

  1. Drew Gooden

– Gooden’s commentary videos are pure gold and he’s always good for a laugh. Whenever he partners up with friend and fellow YouTuber Danny Gonzalez, however, you know things are going to get interesting.