Madeline Brennan, News Editor

Many seniors at PHS have recently turned eighteen are preparing to vote in their first ever presidential election.


Coronavirus has obviously complicated these plans, as it has all others, by making the very concept of voting a hazard to an individual’s health.


So, if COVID-19 continues to be as severe as it is now into November, how will it affect the election?


First, the election will proceed as normal, and it is highly unlikely that it will be postponed for any reasons. To postpone the election would set a dangerous precedent, and it’s important to stick to the country’s four year election system. 


What both the Republican and Democratic parties need to make sure to do is ensure that all registered voters can vote in a safe and healthy way. 


Election security has obviously become a big concern in the wake of Russia’s interference in the 2019 election, so what the United States must focus on is providing a way of voting from home or a secluded place that does not leave itself vulnerable to cyber attacks, which will be very difficult. 


The top priority for both the public official and citizen alike is ensuring that voter suppression does not become an issue with this crisis. If the proper precautions are not taken, many voters could feel discouraged or find themselves unable to vote because of extenuating circumstances. 


It’s important that registered voters and responsible citizens make sure that they can vote in the November election. If they find themselves blocked from doing so, there should be proper channels set up to ensure that they can.


To all PHS seniors: remember to register to vote!