Photo Submitted by Angel Barbee

BE OUR GUEST. Juliet Flanagan, junior, and Jill Cochran, senior, celebrate senior tea in quarantine.

Madeline Brennan, News Editor

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has turned the world upside down, and high seniors across the country have had to come to terms with the fact that their last year of high school would not end as they had originally planned.


With in-person events impossible at a time like this, PHS students are taking to quarantine and social media to celebrate the events they wish they could have had in person.


Juliet Flanagan, a junior, has been celebrating events like the senior tea and prom with her cousin, senior Jill Cochran. “Although we are in quarantine, we can still celebrate all the events that we have been looking forward to this year. Even though we aren’t able to experience these events in the ‘normal’ way, being in quarantine gives us room to be creative and make high school memories in a non traditional way. I’m a sucker for a good tea party, and if we hadn’t been in quarantine I wouldn’t have gotten to experience Senior Tea with Jill because we are in different grades, so it’s really been a great opportunity for us to make memories together.”


“At this point, I’m not surprised this is happening to our class,” senior Niky Gutierrez wrote in an Instagram caption attached to a photo of her in her cap and gown, “We really got our senior year taken away from us.”