2020 Class of PHS was honored with the turning on of all the lights at the athletic complexes and the scoreboard set to 20:20. At Costner Stadium, the scoreboard also ran the senior photos.

Madeline Brennan, News Editor

Costner Stadium showed appreciation for the graduating seniors who have not been able to enjoy a normal senior year by providing them with a special event on the night of April 23.


Seniors were honored by having their names and pictures shown on the scoreboard, and people were encouraged to drive by to support the seniors. The field lights were also turned on in honor of them. 


People were encouraged to come while also practicing social distancing regulations, with the school asking they remain in their vehicles.

20 TO 20: The baseball field, along with the softball field and Costner Stadium were bright in honor of the class of 2020.
LIGHTS ARE ON; NOBODY HOME: As Pirates drove by the athletic fields, they found the lights on in honor of the senior class of 2020.