On Monday, February 24th, Joni Roop (the FCS teacher) posted 2 of her first TikToks. Around noon, she posted her first video, titled “FCS Teacher cooking with good classes & crazy classes.” and the video received 26,800 views in about 6 hours. Despite the thousands of views, the video holds approximately 7700+ likes, with 17 comments and 20 shares.


Screenshot taken on February 27 of Joni Roop’s Tiktok account, showing her viral video with 148,600 views, her second video with 1,768 views, and her most recent video with 2,266 views.

Katey Harrower, F/O Editor

With the video only being posted 8 hours, it had reached 65,600 views, 18,400 likes, with 26 comments and 61 shares. Her initial response was, “Haha I’m famous!!” When asked if she intended on the video blowing up, Roop responded, “Not really, I had just downloaded the app a few days ago and found a bunch of teachers making them and I just wanted to connect with them. And hopefully embarrass all my students.” 

                 12 hours after the video was posted, it reached 113,000 views, 33,500 likes, with 41 comments and 105 shares. After being asked, “Do you plan on continuing to make content?” she replied, “Yes, but only teacher related stuff.” Not expecting the growth of the TikTok, Roop was asked,“Now that you have a popular video, do you think your students will treat you differently?” ‘Confidently’ and ironically, she said back, “No, but they will want me in their TikToks for clout lol.” 

After the video had been posted for 24 hours, the video received an insane amount of attention. The TikTok had 147,100 views, 46,300 likes, with 47 comments and 142 shares. “How did it feel whenever you realized you were starting to get attention on your video?” “It’s really cool!” Roop expressed, “I already have so many comments from students wanting to be FCS teachers and I think that’s really neat to get to talk to them! Also, I am surprised and I hope I can make more videos that get popular and maybe I can inspire people!” 

As of Wednesday, February 26, Joni Roop’s TikTok video is still posted, and it is still gaining views, likes, comments, and shares. She was true to her word, and has posted new videos since her popular one was posted.