Quarantine has proven to be a trying time for people everywhere as they struggle to stay sane during prolonged periods of doing nothing, or doing something but being shut up in their houses the whole time.


Submitted by Regina Smith

STRUGGLE BUS: Sophomore Res Smith struggles to stay focused while doing work from home.

Madeline Brennan, News Editor

Here are some easy ways that will help you stay sane during quarantine:



  • Have A Schedule


  • Adhering to a schedule can be tough for a lot of people, especially in a time as unstructured as this, but maintaining a daily schedule can provide you with the sense of normalcy you might be craving.


  • Take A Walk


  • Daily exercise is beneficial no matter the circumstances, but taking time to get out of the house and expose yourself to fresh air can help with any cabin fever you might be getting.


  • Schedule Time for No Technology


  • During quarantine, most people have noticed their screen time steadily increasing. Schedule a time to unplug and read or nap.


  • Schedule Virtual Hangouts with Friends


  • It can be hard to go so long without seeing friends, so make sure to keep in touch through Zoom calls, FaceTime, or Netflix watch parties, which are loads of fun! Staying in touch with people outside of your family unit is important and refreshing.