Rayden Way

Junior, Monica Martinez, stresses over her chemistry final. “I don’t know any of these!” she exclaimed after looking at the first question.

Rayden Way, Health/Beauty Editor

Now that the holiday season has arrived, it is time to get all of your friends the perfect gift, your parents the perfect gift, your boyfriend/girlfriend the most amazing gift, all while still being in high school juggling grades and taking finals. While this is still going through your mind you somehow have to study and pass all of your high school classes and if you’re a concurrent enrollee you have to find the time to study for those finals. 


Though this is stressful, it is not good for your health to stay stressed for long periods of time. Stressing for long periods of time can cause heart problems, blood pressure issues, respiratory problems, stomach discomfort, and other problems.   Read more about the long term effects of stress at https://www.apa.org/helpcenter/stress-body. 

With this being said, being stressed all of the time is not good for your health, but don’t worry, here 10 ways to destress:


  1. Take ten to fifteen minutes to yourself. Use this time to try out that facemask that has been in your room since the summer, or to paint your nails with that polish you’ve been eyeing at the drug store since last week.
  2. Have a dance party, while you’ve been stressed your muscles have been tense. It’s time to let loose and have fun!
  3. If your not into dancing, stretch it out! Stretching your once tense muscles will help you become loose and ready to tackle any problems coming your way.
  4. Take a couple of minutes to just breathe, don’t do anything else just take some deep breaths and focus on your breathing.
  5. Maybe you’re in your head too much, in this case I would suggest taking a walk outside. This can help clear your mind and help you regain your focus.
  6. If you are stressing about how you will ever start on all of the tasks at hand you should create a list. Creating a list helps keep you on track and helps keep distractions away.
  7. Listen to music, if your studying or just trying to catch up on overdue work listen to music. Listening to music helps you focus, but don’t listen to music that is just going to make you sing instead of working.
  8. Maybe you aren’t getting enough rest, maintaining an eight hours of sleep will help you relax.
  9. Take a long hot shower or bath, add some lavender oil to help you feel tranquil.
  10. Speaking or essential oils, it is said that eucalyptus can help you destress, go out and get a eucalyptus scented candle and burn it while you take a hot bath.


I know that high school and college are stressful but remember to still make time to let loose and have fun. It may seem like a never ending workload but you can do this you will become successful!