Senior Jayden Mankin, #1, made the only touchdown for the Poteau Pirates in the second quarter of the State Championship Game against their opponents, the Weatherford Eagles.While talking to Jayden about Friday’s game, and asking him questions this is what he had to say about it. 


Lakota Bohanan

HE IS #1: Jayden Mankin plays in the 4A State Championship game against Weatherford on December 6.

Reagan Bullard, Staff

Reagan: How did you feel before the game? 

Jayden: Nervous for sure but excited to play the games with my friends and my family.                                                                                                                                                           


Reagan: What were your thoughts after you scored the touchdown? 

Jayden: It was exciting, but no better feeling than winning it.


Reagan: How does it feel to be a state champ?

Jayden: it’s still kinda sinking in.  I still can’t believe it really happened; it always felt like a dream.  It’s something we always wanted to accomplish and it’s something our team always wanted for a long time and we finally got it. I don’t know; its just unbelievable.


Reagan: What does it feel like knowing you were part of the team that made history? 

Jayden: It’s definitely a big honor, especially to have all our town support us like they have.   Just all the constant recognition we’ve gotten and everything–it is just amazing. I couldn’t ask for anything better.