Kinsey Peck

In August, Pirate Log photographer Kinsey Peck began taking a weekly photo of the construction progress for archival purposes. Here, early dirt work is done.

Poteau HS has been under construction since the groundbreaking ceremony in June of 2019.  Months of dirt work and laying of pipes quickly became the norm for students and staff.  However, on October 4, students arrived on a misty morning to find that the foundation for the new classrooms was being poured.  On Wednesday October 9, construction workers began to put up the framework, giving shape to the building, and by mid afternoon, a majority of the framework was in place.  A new energy has taken hold for those walking the halls, a sign of ground being made in the building process.


Kinsey Peck
Students who passed by found new ditches dug by the hour as dirt work was complete in early September.


Kinsey Peck
By the end of the day on Friday, the concrete foundation had been poured and left to dry.
Lauren Peck-Weisenfels
With a firm foundation, it took no time at all for the crews to put in the metal framework for the first floor of the construction.
October 25 – Heavy rains have been a difficult complication for construction crews throughout late October and early November.