Chelsea Spearman

Recently, FCCLA Officers used posters in the hallway to inform students of FCCLA and to recruit new members.

Chelsea Spearman, Managing Editor

FCCLA or the Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America are on the lookout for new members who want to take action and be leaders in their community.


Throughout the year FCCLA has many opportunities for community service, including volunteering at the Poteau Valley Humane Society, The Oaks Nursing Home, Participating in Project SAFE, and many more across the state.


FCCLA also has opportunities for competitive leadership experiences, including participating in STAR Speech Events (Students Taking Action with Recognition).


Through attending Local, District, State, and even National meetings every year, being involved in the community, and learning to take action in important events, FCCLA proves that it truly is The Ultimate Leadership Experience . If you are interested in being apart of FCCLA be sure to pick up a form in Mrs. Shannon’s room or the office.