It was announced on September 21 that after an audition process, twenty PHS students had been selected for the Eastern Oklahoma High School and Junior High Honor Choirs.


Bailey Pickle

Junior Serenitie Woodard is honored to have been chosen for the Eastern District High School Honor Choir. She will perform with the choir on October 15 in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

Lauren Peck-Weisenfels, Sponsor

Bailey Pickle
Student members of the PHS choir practice during their 4th hour class for All-District auditions.

Students who were chosen to perform in the high school choir were Wyatt Stinson (junior), Sean Fabian (junior), Res Smith (sophomore), Elizabeth Emberton (senior), Trista Fassio (junior), Serenitie Woodard (junior), Sallie Taylor (senior), Ashlyn Barnes (sophomore), Kylie David (sophomore), Katelyn Cardoza (sophomore), Conner Peck (sophomore), Dylan Richmond (senior), Aidan Falkner (sophomore), McKinlee Thomas (junior), and Angel Schmidt (senior).

Students who were chosen for the junior high choir include freshmen Sadie Perkin, Katie Scowden, Hailey Burgess, Lyndsey Clark, and Breckin Castillo.

Junior Sean Fabian prepared for the auditions by practicing his music during class.

All students who were chosen for EDHC also qualified for the second round of auditions to possibly be selected for All-State in January.

Submitted by Alisha Smedley
Members chosen for the Eastern District Honor Choirs were announced via social media by choir director Alisha Smedley after a long day of auditions on September 21.

Members of the Eastern District Honor choirs will attend a morning and afternoon clinic to perfect the music on October 15 in Muskogee, Oklahoma.  That evening at 7 pm there will be a concert for friends and family to attend.