Bailey Pickle

In his second year at PHS, Coach Hardin is introducing a new course that is adding new ways for students to use math skills.

There’s a new math class being offered at Poteau High School. Statistics, taught by Mr. Hardin, will cover data analysis. It is open to students who have completed a geometry class. The class can be taken as an alternative to pre-calc/trigonometry. The only Statistics class offered is second hour.


“Everything in life is statistical based,” said Mr. Hardin on the importance of Statistics. “Whether you’re talking about sports, or classroom, or politics, everything is based on statistics. So, what our goal is in this class is to be able to interpret those kinds of things.” 


Junior Brandon Pickle, an admitted fan of math, looks forward to being challenged by this class.


“I bet it’ll have a decent amount of challenges to it,” Pickle said in an interview.  He recommends the class to upperclassmen who enjoy math.


Widening Poteau’s Math Department, especially to include something so practical, could very well help many students grasp the subject better or find a new appreciation for it.