PHS’ Video Production class gets the campus ready for football season.

As the days tick by into the fall semester, it is clear that energy is brewing around the football season.  With a great past record and the return of a beloved coach, PHS and the community at large are ready to see how the 2019 football season will play out.
To help generate some hype around the season, the Video Production class has done their part to draw attention to the preparation of not only the football team, but everyone who who plays an important part of the season.
“We know Poteau LOVES their football season so we wanted to get some energy stirred up for the teams,” said teacher Jami Hackler, who directed the video.   “Not just football but band, cheer, dance, and color guard.”
The team behind the video included Dixie Elizondo, Paulina Farfan, Res Smith, Sallie Taylor, and Addie Jackson.  Hackler says that the team learned a lot from making the video.
“There were elements of choosing the proper clips, sound mixing/editing, graphic design, and a lot of processing what is school appropriate and what is not,” explained Hackler.  “We took certain elements out and kept certain elements due to the fact some were too much and others were just enough to add ‘grit’.”
In just one year, video production teacher Jami Hackler has completely changed the way in which Poteau High reaches the members of the community.  Her students have helped to develop the Pirate Log’s social media.  They’ve learned about news broadcast by visiting a news studio in Northwest Arkansas and through the creation of their monthly broadcast videos.  They’ve written and filmed their own movies.  The hype might be about football right now, but by the end of this semester, it is likely that the real hype will be about the video production class’s projects.