New Classroom Building at PHS

Emily Teague, Copy Editor

This January, the district voted on a bond issue on whether or not they would accept a raise in property taxes in exchange for a 7th and 8th grade center and a new two story classroom building in the high school courtyard.


Flash forward to late April, preparations have begun at the PHS campus for the newest addition. White spray paint is outlining the planned parameters, and the nearby trees have been uprooted to make room for the foundation to be laid later this year.


If all goes to plan, the bond should be fulfilled in 18 months, or just over a year and a half. However, there is always the chance of the weather not permitting the work, and therefore creating unavoidable delays in the process.


When the building is eventually completed, the plan is to have four new science classrooms, two of those being labs. The other rooms will likely be dedicated to courses such as FACS to try and keep the same order that was present in the hallways before.


When questioned about why the bond was necessary, Jeremy Quarry, the Poteau Public Schools Director of Finance mentioned the large number of students that will be reaching high school in the upcoming years and the space issues the school will potentially face. “This [building] is built with an eye towards the future. We aren’t cutting corners, we’re going to do this right.”


Even though the polls were close, in the end, the community should be able to see how beneficial this will be to the school and the students attending it.



Marking it out

White paint has been used to draw out the perimeters of the new building and will eventually be completely gone.









Also on the pavement, they’ve marked out where certain lines lay underneath the ground that would be undesirable to hit.