New STUCO Representatives

Mackenzie Chavez, Staff

For your 2019-20 school year, you will have a whole new group of representatives. The contenders who won and will be representing you are…


President:  Morgan Odom

Vice President:  Jentry Jordan

Treasurer:  Reagan Bullard

Secretary:  Angel Schmidt

Reporter: Mattison Dodson


Let’s take a look at what they have to say about their position.


Morgan Odom (Junior) keeps the tradition going of being class President for all of high school.   “I’m excited, because I worked hard for it and I like to make my school a better place and this is a good way.”


Jentry Jordan

After being reporter, Jentry Jordan (Sophomore) will be moving up a few levels to represent the school as Vice President. “I hope I can do a lot more,” states Jentry.


Reagan Bullard

Going into her tenth grade year, Reagan Bullard (Freshmen) will be the Treasurer for 2019-20 school year. Reagan says, “I want to help student council out and make it a better group and get everyone involved and have more activities.”


Angel Shmidt

Angel Schmidt (Junior) says, “I get a say in what we do and it’s good to get say with it being my senior year.” Angel is going to be the Secretary over all classes next year.


Mattison Dodson

Sophomore, Mattison Dodson has been in STUCO for 3 years and will now be the Reporter. She “wanted to be a leader, not just over my class, but for all of the school.”