New Beginning, New Team



In early March, the cheer team conducted their annual tryouts for both the varsity and junior varsity teams. The seniors choreographed a dance for the applicants to memorize and perform. Along with the dance, they had to memorize cheers, chants, the fight song, and do stunts.

The Silver Steppers held their annual tryouts as well, March 25th through the 29th. The potential candidates leaped, turned, did toe touches, and kicked, as well as performed the fight song and dance. Now that the teams have been picked practice begins!


Silver Steppers 2019-2020

Cora Rolens

Alexa Mutz

Angel Schmidt

Ashlyn Barnes

Maura Tecla

Addison Jackson

Jalee Mckenzie

Kymber Hinson

Mattison Dodson

Madalyn Krehl

Patty Lopez

Michaela Wolf

Jacie Perry  

Katelynn Cardoza

Sallie Taylor

Emma Baker


Varsity Cheerleaders 2019-2020

Morgan Odom

Lexi Weaver

Reagan Bullard

Alexis Lowe

Alexa Vera

Jentri Jordan

Brooklyn Morris

Gracyn Thompson

Skylar Davis

Javin Akers

Celeste Daily

Kasidy Jacobs

Trista Crouch


Junior Varsity 2019-2020

Tommie Atte

Journi Bartels

Taylor Ford

Jezebel Gabiel

Kinsey Hatcher

Alison Mattox

Aleena Tippins