Maci White Featured on Radio


Triston Barber, Tech and Entertainment Editor

There is a lot of talent in Poteau High. Basketball players, golf players, artists, singers. This school has proven to pump out talented people who tend to be successful. One of the newer students to hit the scene is Maci White.

Maci has been singing for a while now and started writing her own music. Recently, she was featured on KISR 93.7 radio and its sister station The Rock 94.1. She performed live at the Ft. Smith car show and sang for the crowd in the bitter cold for the people awaiting awards.

“I think we all connected on a more personal level because we were all just shaking.”

She hopes to spread a positive message to her audience, encouraging them to follow their dreams without getting into the less honorable things that often come with success.

“I really hope that I can use my platform with music to reach out to other kids who are going through some things, like me, and I wanna prove that you can be in the industry without being involved in the darker side of it all, like with drugs and alcohol.”

It’s evident that our very own Maci White is going places in the world. We wish her luck in her journey toward a career in music.

You can watch her music video of “Mary Did You Know” on YouTube.