Mackenzie Chavez

TEAMWORK: Homecoming Queen Desiree Maden backs up goalie Maddie Gillham during a game.

The 2019 Pirate Soccer Homecoming was celebrated on April 5 at Costner Stadium in Poteau.

Pirate Log Video Production Staff Members Desiree Maden, Taylor Tolbert, Larry Caballero


Freshmen attendant Kimberly Morales was escorted by Eric Hobbs.

Sophomore attendant Skylar Davis was escorted by Jeremy Sanjuan.

Junior attendant Allegra Pradelli was escorted by Pedro Reyes.

The 2019 Homecoming King and Queen were Roger  Montellongo and Desiree Maden.

The Lady Pirates played after the conclusion of the ceremony, taking a loss to Hilldale, leaving a record of 2 – 2.

The Pirates ended regular play in a tie against Hilldale.  The  Pirates managed to win the game in penalty kicks/overtime, making their record 4 and 0.