Tanner Schmuck, Health and Beauty Editor

During the spring and winter months, it is hard not to keep your lips chapped. The wind is crazy, the air is dry, and no one wants to drink water to hydrate. Here are a few ways to banish dry lips and keep them ¨soft and silky!¨


One obvious way to keep your lips hydrated, is to drink the recommended amount of water. For tips on how much water to drink, check out Allegra´s article on how water is your best friend.


Another way is to try and avoid licking your lips. Saliva dries quickly, causing your lips drier than they were originally. If you tend to lick your lips, avoid flavored lip balms at all costs. Lip balms may cause you to lick your lips even more.


Although it may sound silly, try to avoid breathing out of your mouth. Breath through your nose to insure your lips from drying out.


A quick remedy for cracked and dry lips is lip scrub. Natural lip scrubs include sugar and essential oils that will exfoliate and moisturize your lips, leaving them nice and buttery.


When your lips become dry and flaky, it’s hard to ignore them. Keep your lips soft and healthy, and you won’t be picking at them.  At the end of the day, sometimes it just hard to prevent dry lips.