A small island country enacts harsh punishments towards LGBT members.

Raul Becerra, Copy Editor

In the Pacific Ocean, along the borders of Malaysia, there lives a tiny country by the name of Brunei. In 2013, this country, which is predominantly muslim, made laws that are anti-Islamic. These laws included punishing adulterers and LGBT members, which naturally was followed by protests. But despite this outcry, Brunei’s government is moving ahead with them.


Beginning on April 3rd, statutes allowing stoning and amputation for certain ‘crimes’ is going to go into effect. This announcement was made by the country’s attorney general last year, but was only recently noticed by the general public.


These laws are known as the Sharia Law. Under this law, people would be executed for offenses such as, robbery, adultery, homosexual relations, and insult to the prophet Muhammed.


These new laws has had international outcry. U.N. rights chief, Michelle Bachelet, has been urging for the government to change their mind about this. She said that it violates the international human rights law.


George Clooney has also been protesting this law. He and other celebrities, including Ellen DeGeneres, have been calling for a boycott for several high profile hotels, which are owned by the government of Brunei.


Recently, the US government has joined other countries condemning these new laws. Many citizens of Brunei are now fleeing the country because of these new laws. Despite the international outcry, Brunei will continue with this law.