Stillwater’s Land Run 100


Chelsea Spearman

Chelsea Spearman, News Editor

On March 16th the 2019 Land run 100 was held. The Land Run 100 was a bicycling and running event held in Stillwater Oklahoma. During the run, participants would cross multiple terrains such as the gravel and dirt roads of Oklahoma. The 2018 event brought together people from over 37 states and 3 countries.

Chelsea Spearman

The leaderboard of the 2019 Land Run 100 contain the following: 100 Mile- Payson Mcelveen, Ted King and Andrew Dillman. 50 Mile- Zach Lowe, Toby Dogwiler and Ben Miller. 50k- Eric London, Jonathan Morris and Chad Hetrick. Double (50k & 100 Mile)- Jake Wells, Jason Smith and Cody Jones.