Triston Barber, T/E Editor

There was lots a hype around the newest Samsung release, and recently I had the opportunity to be able to actually test out a lot of the features and get a feel for the phone myself.


The first thing I notice about it when I turn on the screen is the display. It is very crisp and has very good color quality.


Naturally, the next thing I tested was the new triple rear facing camera arrangement. It is definitely an improvement to other models, and I really like the macro and telephoto capabilities, but I’m left feeling a little dissatisfied at the quality. Once more it is better than previous models but I think it could improve.


The next thing I tested was the double selfie camera. Being able to get a wide angle selfie is very useful when taking photos with friends. Along with this the live focus was tested. I’m sure it can make photos look better but I never really got a chance to test it extensively.


I then checked out the user interface. Not much different from previous Samsung phones, but the one thing I noticed that was different is the application closing screen. Instead of swiping side to side on your opened apps, you swipe up on them. It also has shortcuts for your frequented apps.


The wireless power share feature works exactly how it’s advertised, charging other devices just as fast as a plugged in wireless charger.


These are just a few of the features in the new Samsung S10+, but these are what I felt were the most noteworthy.