Triston Barber, T/E Editor

It’s 2019, of course we need 5G! That’s not what Apple thinks. As of 2019, many phone service companies have announced that they will be transitioning to 5G soon.


Many phone manufactures, such as Samsung and Huawei, have been rumored or even teased the idea of new phones being 5G compatible. It just seems so perfect, right?


You may be thinking, why isn’t Apple going to release a 5G compatible phone soon? Well the technology that is 5G simply isn’t complete. Samsung has said that they are getting results of up to 490Mbps, which is huge compared to the 30 to 50Mbps that 4G offers now. But in tests where devices were connected to a 5G modem, the devices exhibited no higher than 140Mbps.


That seems pretty good. Well there’s another issue. Verizon said that it will be operating in the millimeter-wavelength spectrum, which has one big drawback—it struggles to penetrate physical barriers, such as walls and roofs.


I think it’s pretty clear why that could be a problem. Standing in the subway waiting for your train? You can’t scroll through your Instagram. On a road trip and you go through a big tunnel? Your Youtube video buffers out. You have to wait in suspense as you wait for Shane Dawson to explain the big kicker for this conspiracy.


In conclusion, Apple is making a very good decision by not going to 5G as of right now. They don’t want to disappoint their consumers with subpar 5G service. They will likely produce 5G phones when the service is more mature, which will probably be in 2020.