Emily Teague

Reagan Bullard, Staff

James Charles palette has came out and has been sold. People are either saying they love it or hate it. He is a very successful makeup artist today. James has over 10 million subscribers and 22,714,819 plus views on his Youtube videos, and many more followers on every social media platform.


James Charles has made a big impact in the makeup industry. Many makeup artists are trying out the palette and getting many different looks. In the palette there are many colors to play with and get the look you’ve always wanted. Although this palette doesn’t include everyday colors, he swears you can get any look out of it. The palette is $39 at Ulta, so it’s a pretty expensive palette, but cheaper than high end makeup palettes.


So far, five youtubers have made a videos and voiced their opinions about the palette. Jaclyn Hill is one of James’ close friends and just days before James released it, Hill made a video over 20 minutes telling us about it. Jaclyn said, “ The palette was worth every penny”. Although Jaclyn did note that that a few shades were more sheer than others, she still gave James good, genuine praise about the palette.


NikkieTutorials made a 10 minute video telling us about it. This is not surprising because she is also good friends with James. In Nikkie’s video she created a multicolored look which is not an everyday look. The biggest point that Nikkie made was that she liked it because you could use it for many different occasions. By watching the video you can tell that Nikkie adores the palette.


Tati Westbrook is another makeup artist that made a youtube video using the palette. She made the video shortly before the palette was released and available to purchase.The video was 27 minutes and she was very honest about what she thought about the palette. Tati stated in the video that she thought on James’ part the colors were a wise choice. She also said that James did her makeup for her wedding and she loved the result.


Nyma Tang’s video was 7 minutes long, but she gave us a great description on what she thought. While Nyma was using the palette she was also using James Charles brushes. She also swatched many colors on her arm and let us see what the colors looked like. Nyma went with a purple and pink look. She mentioned that James suggested to use a eye primer with these shadows. When ending the video she said she  thinks she did have pretty good results.


The last youtuber that has told us about the palette is Cohl from Colhsworld. Cohl is the newest youtuber out of these five. At the beginning of the video he stated that he liked using one of the eyeshadows as a highlighter.Cohl went in with a yellow and blue beachy look. While Cohl was trying out the palette he gave us negative thoughts along with positive ones.He also used the morphe brushes, when it comes to applying the colors. Although we got negative thoughts unlike the other videos Cohl still recommended the palette.


By reading this article I hope it helps you think positive thoughts and enjoy the palette just as much as these five makeup artist did.