Peaceful Sleep

Sara Fowler, Asst. Sales Manager

Do you ever wonder how much sleep you need at night? Are you cheating yourself out of sleep?  Here are a few tips to get great, peaceful sleep.


  1. Cut down on the caffeine. Don’t drink caffeine past noon, because it can keep you from getting to sleep at night.


  1. Watch your diet, so don’t overeat before bedtime. Studies suggest eating an ounce of almonds or two tablespoons of almond butter about two hours before bed. The proteins in almonds help keep your blood sugar steady while you sleep.


  1. Listen to a book. If you listen to a book and read along with it, it can actually cause you to become drowsy. Listen to one that calms you down, not something exciting that will wake you up.


  1. Exercise daily. Studies show that people who exercise regularly get better sleep and sleep more soundly than their sedentary friends.


These are just a few tips on how to get sleep. The average teenager needs to sleep for about 9 ¼ hours per night. Adults need to sleep at least 7 hours. If you are not getting enough sleep, follow these tips. It can help improve your life.