Being trendy in the new year

Brittany McMillan, Staff

Stepping out of your comfort zone may sound difficult, especially for teenagers in high school, but it isn’t as hard as you’d think.


Fashion is an always changing statement. You may have your current style, but soon enough it will drastically change. This new year is a fresh beginning for all aspects of life, and that includes our fashion trends.


The tiny sunnies and fanny packs seem to be trend of the past. This year, utility outfits, pastels, and neon are on the horizon alongside many others.


The 2019 spring fashion trends are expected to be things such as tie-dye, handcrafted items, deep pinks, and utility clothing.


Tie-dye was created in the 8th century by Asian cultures and has become especially popular since hippies in the 1960s made it the trademarked look. The tie-dyed look has definitely come back in full swing for all those who wish for “world peace, man.”


Handcrafted item are expected to become a big part of our 2019 experience. Crocheted handbags, shirts, and bralettes are one part of the trend you won’t want to miss.


Various shades of pink have entered our lives in the best way possible with colors such as dusty rose and fuchsia. These colors have slowly become a huge statement in the fashion industry.


As Regina George from Mean Girls would say, ”On Wednesday, we wear pink.”


The utility trend has become a versatile part of our year. With this trend you could wear overalls, cargo pants, or field jackets to complete your outfit.


This year is a chance to better yourself and your style. What would it hurt to try these new trends just once?