Things To Do On Valentine’s Day for Couples

Mackenzie Chavez, Staff

By: Mackenzie Chavez


Valentine’s Day is on February 14 where many people exchange gifts with their significant other or anonymously send someone a cute gift. If you and your boyfriend/girlfriend are looking for something to do, here are some ideas.


Many couples exchange gifts with each other. You could get your boyfriend or girlfriend some chocolates or a card. Sometimes just giving them a card is enough and will be much appreciated. Gift cards to their favorite makeup store or sports place is a good gift to go with the card.


Some couples might go to the movies. A couple of the movies coming out this month are The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, and Happy Death Day 2U. Another suggestion is even going on a double or triple date, then your parents might not freak out as much.


You could also eat together at one of your family’s houses’ or go out to eat. You can eat by yourselves or with both of your families. Eating together lets you talk and get to know each other and their family.


Something else you could do is go skating. If you don’t want to go to Skate Reation here in Poteau, you could go to Fort Smith. There is one named Jack’s Fort Smith Skateland located at 1413 Phoenix Avenue, Fort Smith, AR.


A movie marathon! You could just sit there and watch movies together. Why spend a bunch of money going out to the movies when you could just get some popcorn and have a movie marathon together. Several movies you both can watch together are the Titanic, Pride and Prejudice, Love and Basketball, and The Notebook. There are so many more movies you could pick from but that’s just a few.


Karaoke can be something you can enjoy with each other and your friends or family. You could go sing all night and just have lots of fun. If you weren’t comfortable with singing in front of other people, you could just buy a karaoke machine and surprise everybody with it, then you could stay up later and sing any song of your choice.


You can watch the sunset together. Cavanal Hill is right here in Poteau, so it would be a great, high place to go catch the sunset. Not many people just go up there to watch the sunset, but you can go up there and take some pictures together or of the sun setting.


There are many more things to do on Valentine’s Day with your S.O., but there’s a few suggestions to enjoy. If you’re single and want some ideas, go check out Reagan Bullard’s article: What to Do When You’re Single on Valentines Day.