7 Things Single People Can Do On Valentine’s Day

Allegra Pradelli, Features/Opinions Editor

If you really care about Valentine’s Day, and the fact that you’re spending it without your significant other -that maybe doesn’t acknowledge your love- makes you really sad and depressed, you should really make that night just for you.


Here you might find some suggestions on how to make that night less sad for you or just some ideas to spend one of those nights you need time for yourself.


1. Buy yourself your favorite drink;

Spending the night with a glass of your favorite beverage can be the cherry on the cake. Doing your favorite activity while sipping a fresh drink will be worth it. Trust me.


2. Buy a pizza;

Sipping your drink and enjoying your favorite meal – Chinese, Mexican, Italian or whatever you like the most – can make your night the perfect one. Alone with your favorite pizza is better than alone-alone.


3. Get your own “spa treatment”;

Whether your best way to relax is either going shopping with your mom or laying in bed with three different face and body masks, just listen to your body, sit down and enjoy some time by yourself.


4. Buy yourself flowers;

If this is the first year you are spending Valentine’s Day alone or you are just sad and depressed about life, you should really buy some pretty flowers. Everyone deserves some flowers: they light up the room making it very cute and they will smell it really nice.


5. Organize a movie night;

Eating your favorite ice cream while watching your favorite movies is as fun as it sounds. You can go from just one to an entire marathon.


6. Buy yourself a gift;

Buying yourself a gift could help getting rid your weird feeling about today. You survived today in a world surrounded by couples, you deserve it.


7. Invite one of your best friends over;

If you are too depressed to spend the Valentines night alone, then you should invite a friend over to share your sadness or to improve your mood. A night spend with one of your favorite people is always a good idea.