Pre-ACT Scores To be Delivered

Lauren Peck-Weisenfels, Sponsor

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December 11 — Cindy Willis, high school counselor, announced today that Pre-ACT scores would be returned to sophomores beginning Thursday December 13.

Sophomores, who were given the test in October, will receive scores and an analysis of what their score means.  Sophomore teachers Mrs. Brooks and Mrs. Vick will then assist each sophomore to create an ACT Academy account, allowing each of them access to a number of tools to improve their scores on the college entrance exam.

The analysis of the sophomores’ scores will continue in each subject area after English: math, science, and social studies.  Each subject area will help the students to determine their strengths and weaknesses in order to best utilize the information and work within the ACT Academy program.

Willis said that parents would be notified about the test scores by a robo-call this week.

“We will also let them know that the Pre-ACT can be used for concurrent enrollment and that the ACT is part of the state testing requirement for all juniors,” Willis added in an email to teachers.

For more information on the Pre-ACT, students and parents should contact Cindy Willis at the high school.

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