Trench, the New Album By Twenty One Pilots


Casey Galloway

Twenty One Pilots released Trench this month. Hear what Chelsea Spearman has to say about the album!

Chelsea Spearman, News Editor

Twenty One Pilots is a music group from Columbus, Ohio. The band currently consists of singer/bassist/pianist/ukulele player Tyler Joseph. Along with Tyler is drummer Josh Dun. Since the band’s start in 2009, they’ve released 5 studio albums including Twenty One Pilots, Regional at Best, Vessel, Blurryface, and Trench.


Their most recent album, Trench, was released October 5th under the music label Fueled By Ramen.


“Jumpsuit,” “Nico and the Niners,” ”Levitate,” and “My Blood,” singles released prior to the album, created much hype (don’t believe the hype) and expectations for what this album would bring


Despite the band’s previous 2015 album Blurryface charting at number one on the Billboard 200 in the United States, after Trench’s release it  reached number two in several countries including the United States and the United Kingdom. It also reached number one in six countries, including Australia, Spain, New Zealand, and the Netherlands.


On July 11th, on top of the drop of “Jumpsuit” and “Nico and the Niners” and the announcement of Trench’s release date, the band also announced The Bandito Tour. The tour started on October 16th in Nashville, Tennessee.


It’s undoubted that this has been a long awaited album although surely everyone can agree it was well worth the wait.