Pros and Cons of Dyeing Your Hair


Mackenzie Chavez

On November 8, Freshman, Reagan Bullard got her hair dyed to change it up a bit. She trusted the stylists at Twisted Sisters in Spiro. “ [To find the hair color, I put] blonde with red highlights,” said Bullard. Reagan searched on Pinterest to find a picture of what she wanted after remembering a time when her mom used to have the same colors in her hair.

Reagan Bullard and Mackenzie Chavez, Staff

Many people dye their hair to make it white, black, purple, and many other colors. Dyeing your hair can make your hair look better and worse at the same time, but how? How does hair dye hurt your hair? How does it make it better?

5 Cons of Dyeing Your Hair:


  1. Dyeing your hair is very expensive. When getting your hair professionally dyed; it can cost over $50. If you dye your hair by yourself, you can buy dye at Walmart for about $10. Some people prefer to get their hair dyed professionally, but others want to do it themselves.


  1. Your hair will grow and the roots are a different color than your hair, because it’s been dyed. For example, if your hair has been dyed blonde and your roots grow out brown, it might bother you and you probably want to go dye your hair again, which is a real hassle.


  1. Dyeing your hair many times can damage it. Split ends and breakage can be a result of dyeing your hair too many times. Your hair will begin to thin and your hair might not be as thick as you’d like it.


  1. Keeping up with the color and getting it dyed again about every 6-7 weeks because it can damage your hair if you do it too much.


  1. Your hair dye will fade, some faster than others. Hair dye usually takes up to 4-6 weeks to fade. When dying your hair, it depends on how fast it fades before you need to dye it again.


5 Pros of Dyeing Your Hair:


  1. One good thing about dyeing your hair is that it is different than your usual hair color and changes it up a bit. Sometimes we just need a change in our life and changing your hair might help you.


  1. When you go to dye your hair there are many colors available. By having many options and colors to pick from might be hard but it is most definitely always fun to do something different.
  1. When you dye your hair it makes you feel better about yourself. By dyeing your hair, you are able to feel like a new you. A lot of people feel so much better about themselves and are able to be confident with their hairstyle and raises their self-esteem. Kensey Hatcher recently dyed her hair black and she said, “I felt more confident [with my hairstyle].”


  1. After you get your hair done it looks good if your hairdresser did it how you wanted it. Trusting your hairdresser is taking a big step on how it will turn out. After you get your hair done you are just in love with your hair you just want to go somewhere and show it off and how your hairdresser did a wonderful job!!


  1. Dyeing your hair can really highlight your natural beauty. It adds dimensions and brings out the highlights, lowlights and everything else. Also it can bring out your eyes and skin tone.


Dying your hair has good things and bad things about it. When you dye your hair you are taking a risk that can turn out good or bad. Be prepared when you go to your stylist with specific colors or an image you want to achieve.