Xanadu Review


Lauren Peck-Weisenfels

The cast and crew of Xanadu receive an excellent review from staff member Brittany McMillan.

Brittany McMillan, Staff

Xanadu is an idealized place of great or idyllic magnificence and beauty, and in the case of the fall musical it ends in creating art.


Sonny Malone (Dylan Richmond) is a struggling artist with a dream to create art in the 80’s. When Kira (Angel Schmidt) a Greek muse, appears to him on roller skates. Sonny, Kira, and a building owner named Danny Maguire (Noah Sweet) work together to convert an old theater into a Skate Rink.

Lauren Peck-Weisenfels
THE MUSES OF XANADU: Joanna DuBois, Trista Fassio, Ashlyn Barnes, Angel Schmidt, Jerret Carpenter, Elizabeth Emberton and Kinsey Peck.

The muses were my absolute favorite part of the show. Their songs were perfectly in sync, and their dance moves drew me into the story. Kinsey Peck’s outfit as Calliope was sleek and very well put together.

Lauren Peck-Weisenfels
Costume designer and cast member Kinsey Peck took her inspiration for her design from images of ancient Greece.

The stage set and props were clever. The use of cardboard and paint astounded me. Cardboard columns and a payphone made of 2 by 4’s were by far the most creative prop ideas I’ve seen.

Lauren Peck-Weisenfels
“IF ONLY THERE WERE A BOOK”: Muse Clio (played by junior Angel Schmidt) guides Sonny Malone (played by junior Dylan Richmond) to the yellow pages to find the phone number he seeks.

This performance of Xanadu has tickled me to the core. It had just the right amount of hilarity and drama. If I had a chance to watch again, I definitely wouldn’t turn the opportunity down.