Band Competes at Regional Tournament


Lauren Peck-Weisenfels

Drum Majors Niky Gutierrez, Suzannie Santos, and Andrew Ellis lead the band onto the field during a rehearsal for Regionals.

Triston Barber, E/T Editor

On Wednesday, October 10th, the Pride of Poteau Marching Band went to McAlester to compete in Regionals. The stakes were high, but the nerves were even higher.


Regional competition is at the end of competition season, and the reward for good placement is paramount – the shot to get sweepstakes. There was much hard work put in before this time. After all, this is the only competition that could get us to Regionals.


Once there, the band is to warm up then perform. They play their nine minute and twenty second piece, then they exit the stadium and pack up.


Once the judges determine the final results, they send them to the directors. For Poteau, this was quite swift.


The results came in, and Mr. Marsh announced it to the band; I, I, II.  From three judges who look at the overall playing and marching, this score meant that the band would receive an overall score of I, or Superior rating.  This rating would give them an opportunity to compete for sweepstakes in the spring.


The band will complete their marching season Friday November 2 by performing their halftime show one last time in honor of Senior Night.