Introducing iOS 12

During the recent Apple conference on September 12, not only did Apple release the newest additions to the iPhone family (which you can read about here), they released an official date we could expect iOS 12.


Emily Teague

Copy Editor Emily Teague tells us what to expect from the new iOS update.

Emily Teague, Copy Editor

iOS 12 is an update that promised to make your iPhone and iPad experience faster, more responsive, and more delightful than ever before.


In iOS 12, many new features were introduced, such as the ability to create a Memoji. A Memoji is a virtual face that users can control with facial movements such as winking, or even sticking out their tongue. They can also record clips of the animations up to half a minute in length, as opposed to the ten second limit before.


Another large portion of the update was the addition of Screen Time. Now, if any Apple user is curious about how much time they are spending on a particular app or website, they’re able to see exactly how long they’ve been on the application by going to the designated tab in settings and viewing the statistics.


The original plan for the Facetime portion was to be released with the update, but due to unexpected setbacks, it was pushed back to be released at a later date.


Many new features were added to Siri as well. Not only can users turn on their flashlights just by asking the virtual assistant, but it can now tell simple facts about celebrities and nutrition info about certain foods.

The final feature in the update was the Measurement app. What this application does is simple. It takes in your surroundings, and after it recognizes a flat surface, allows you to place a point via augmented reality (AR) and measure the length and/or height of the object.


With the new measurement app and Siri updates, it has now become much more convenient to do simple tasks such as turn on a flashlight or measure a surface. That was the main focus with the update, to make the iPhone experience more entertaining for the users.