Tips to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

 During Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays everyone looks forward to eating dinner with their families. There are many tips to staying healthy (mentally and physically) and eating clean.


Mackenzie Chavez, Assistant Photo Editor

Tip #1.  Try to stay away from overeating. Overeating can cause a series of problems, one of them being digestion issues. Keep your consumption of food to a moderate level to prevent any problems.


TIp #2.  Keep watch for food poisoning. During the holidays many families gather together to eat but, when fixing your plate do you ever think about if you could get food poisoning? Probably not, and not many people do. You could be sent to the hospital because of food poisoning, such as chicken, cheese, and berries.


Tip #3.  Keep a lookout for what you’re eating. Fast food isn’t the way to go when your hungry. Sometimes if you’re hungry and don’t feel like cooking, you just want to stop somewhere quick to eat. Occasionally, that might be okay to eat fast food, but eating it too much is unhealthy.


Tip #4.  Make time to be by yourself. Being with someone all the time can get stressful or can lead you to get upset with them. Scheduling time away from everyone can get rid of stress, too. Too much stress can cause depression, anxiety, or a heart disease. Stress can lead to bloating, and no one wants that during the holidays.


Tip #5.  Stay active. Instead of sitting inside watching TV, go outside and play volleyball, soccer, basketball, or even football. Many people get stressed around the holidays with traveling and meeting family, so activities are a good alternative to relieve stress and lift the weight off your shoulders.


Tip #6.  Get plenty of sleep. Acquiring enough sleep is important to staying healthy and not being stressed. The average amount of sleep teens should get is 9 – 9½, but many teens don’t get near that. Some reasons they don’t sleep enough is because of video games or social media.


Tip #7.  Keep your hands clean. Before you even touch silverware or a plate, you need to wash your hands. Germs can spread very quickly if you don’t wash your hands and you can get sick. You should wash your hands after you eat to prevent from getting from getting crumbs on couches and the floor.


Tip #8.  Drink lots of water. Although soda is good; drinking too much can damage your body. Water is key to staying healthy. If drinking ordinary water is not what you prefer, you can add a lemon, strawberries, and/or blueberries. Adding different fruits to water can change the taste without drinking soda all the time.


There are many more ways to stay healthy during the holidays, but these are just a few tips to keep your mind as well as your body on track.