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Hurricane Florence

What to expect and how to be prepared

Dreama Tucker, Staff

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Hurricane Florence has been destroying homes and lives all over the east coast. Located all along the east coast, Florence started on September 9, 2018 with wind speeds of 76 mph and shows signs that it will continue to keep going and get stronger as the days go on.


According to  New York Times news articles, hurricane Florence is going to slow down and that is not good because it will cause more damage and flooding.


Researchers stated that Florence is at 140 MPH, but it is believed to slow down once it reaches land. They think that the hurricane is going to stall much like Harvey did last year.


The winds are the main cause of Florence’s slowing down. The majority of its circulation is going to be over water, meaning it will continue sucking up a lot of moisture from the ocean and dumping its rain inland.


Florence’s destruction has resulted in a death toll of over forty.  This number is expected to grow because of the people who are stuck or choose not to leave might not be able to survive.


Four ways to survive a hurricane are to: make sure you stay informed by monitoring a TV or a radio, make sure your home is secure, close storm shutters, and secure outside objects or bring them inside, make sure you listen to authorities and turn off all utilities, and make sure you turn off all propane tanks.

For a timeline of events, check out this article on Florence by News Editor, Chelsea Spearman.

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Hurricane Florence