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September 11, 2001

This is the 17th anniversary of the attack of 9/11

Dreama Tucker, Staff

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The people that lost their lives in the attack didn’t ask for it to happen. They had no warning and no time to escape. Seventeen years later, people across America are still reeling from the terrorist attack of 9/11.


The world has changed so much just because of the attack of the four planes that were hijacked. There were other places that were attacked by the planes. There were people that managed to save a major place from being attacked but they lost their lives for the sake of others.


The way we live today is based on the events that happened on that day. Airport security has improved. The process to get a passport takes longer, ensuring  everyone stays protected and away from any danger.


People are scared because of the crazy people that are in this world. Not all violence is caused by terrorism. People blame terrorists because they won’t have to take responsibility for their violence crimes.


Sometimes we have to push through our fears and go out so we can take a chance to make this world a better place. The attack on the world trade centers was a big change in everyone’s lives. This day changed the history of America. It made us realize that there is danger everywhere and it can happen at any time and to anyone.


The events of this attack caused everyone to go into a shell because they believe that it would keep them safe. All the events leading up to this attack were ignored and nobody thought of a solution until after everything was already ruined.


So if we all got out of our shells that we are hidden in, we would be able to see that this world needs help. We need to work together to get this world to be a better place. If everyone comes together and gets rid of a lot of the violence then our world would be a much better place. Things that we could do to heal our world is to make people realize that with everyone giving up and not caring about the world will eventually cause it to be destroyed.


With the history that we have to look at we should realize that there is danger everywhere and it will target anyone and anything to cause damage.


If we look at this day in history then we should be much more thankful for the things we have. All our security has been stepped up and it is tighter. Security is not the only thing we are grateful for, there are other things that have helped us get passed the events that have happened. People don’t get away with as much as they were. Nothing in this world will ever get better unless we look at out history and try to change everything and make everything in this world easier and better so we can all continue past all the bad things and make new great things.


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September 11, 2001