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Having flawless skin these days can be very difficult because of unhealthy food, air pollution, bad habits and, last but not least, laziness. But with just a few minutes a day you can change your whole appearance, therefore feeling better inside, too.

Allegra Pradelli, Staff

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Taking care of your skin is more important than you think: because of its position, the skin is liable to the dirtiness of the air, of your hands and mobile phone. There are a lot of bad habits to get rid of, but the most important one, that might seem a little stupid, is to stop touching and picking your face: on our hands we have tons of bacteria that, trust me, you don’t want on your sensible skin and the same goes for our pillowcase, that needs to be washed regularly to avoid  dirt living on it.


Following these easy steps every day, you will feel (and look) so much better, inside and out.


  1. The first thing is to have and follow an easy skin care routine based on your type: in fact knowing whether you have a dry, oily, sensitive skin is essential for an effective skin care routine.


  1. Cleansing – every morning and night you need to wash your face with a non-aggressive face cleanser.


  1. Moisturize – for a glowing and healthy skin this step is essential: you can use a natural oil (jojoba, avocado, almonds) or a hydrating cream to give your face the nourishment it needs.


  1. Doing a face mask twice a week will improve the wealth of your skin as well. Making it at home with your ingredients would work even better since you know what’s inside and you can make a “customized” one for your skin type.


  1. Exfoliate – this step is related to the previous one since moisturizing your face without exfoliating it before, is not useful. So using a scrub twice a week will help you to get rid of the dead skin cells to reveal the fresher and the younger ones below, restoring skin’s natural clarity and brightness. There are a lot of recipes for natural scrub you can do at home with just few ingredients, one of my favorites are makeup remover with baking soda and yoghurt with sugar.


  1. Make up – since we are trying to have a better skin, using less makeup as possible is one of the best thing to do in order to let the skin breath and be naturally beautiful.


  1. Lips – don’t forget them! Lips are as important as the rest of the face, so they also need their treatment: exfoliate them with a scrub made with oil and sugar and moisturize with a lip balm or a natural oil.


  1. Sunscreen – after all the effort to make our skin glowing , we just can’t forget to protect it with a sunscreen all year round. Yes, you need to put it not only during summer, but in the winter, too.


  1. Water and food – drinking a lot of water has a big part in the care of the skin: try to replace your soda with a glass of water, and don’t forget to always keep a bottle of water with you to keep hydrated not only you, but your face, too. For the food instead, just try to reduce your portions and to integrate in your regular meals both healthy and unhealthy food, trying to keep a balance, so you will not deprive yourself completely, and at the same time you will avoid a totally unhealthy diet.


  1. Neck – “treat your neck as it was your face” and when you put the cream on massage upward.


  1. Sleep – sleeping regularly will also improve the wealth of your face: try to sleep 8/9 hours every night.


 Taking care of your skin helps not only your face, but yourself too: you’ll feel much better and confident in yourself knowing that you have flawless skin that everybody envies. So, why not?

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Allegra Pradelli, Features/Opinions Editor

Allegra Pradelli is a Junior Exchange Student from Italy. She's involved in basketball and chorus.


View Allegra's best work here.

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