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School Shootings in 2018

Why the big “18” is not 18 at all?

Annais Bott, Staff

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Why the big “18” is not 18 at all?

By: Annais Bott


After the Valentine’s day shooting in Parkland, FL, the number 18 took on a whole new meaning. Lining search engine homepages, radio, newspapers, and news channels have plasted this number across the country, leaving many asking the obvious question as to why so high?

The truth lies behind the details, only seven of the “infamous 18” are intentional assaults with gun fire resulting in injury or death. That number alone is staggering for only being a month and a half into the 2018 year, however many were situations where guns were intentionally fired but no one was injured or killed (8), A location for suicide hours after calling the police to notify his intentions (2), and unintentional gun fire resulting in injury or fatality (1).

The true definition of a school shooting is “A school shooting is a form of mass shooting involving an armed attack on an educational institution, such as a school or university. The U.S. Secret Service defines them as shootings where schools are “deliberately selected as the location for the attack”.”

Media defines school shootings as gunshots fired on school grounds, regardless of injuries, deaths, intentions, or circumstances. People feed off of the frenzy. It sparks gun control debates, school policy debates, brings people to question if their children are even safe, scares the common populus, and in rare cases, enlightens the ill minded of new and inventive ways to evade and lengthen whatever plot they could set in motion.

It is no secret that the younger generations are relying dearly on their electronic devices to keep them informed and up to date on the latest trends and news. yet ,as a country we have failed to contain this growing wildfire. With the increasing numbers, the people of the United States are growing into fear and suspicion. What possible turn could the government and states take to stop is not slow this growing consistency in our nation? Many are turning to gun control, more intense laws and rules involving the school system, and even somethings as small as individual class protection against an outside attacker

Below is a chart labeling all 18 shootings and their categories



School shooting 2018 Unintentional gun fire resulting in injury suicide Intentional gunfire with no injury or death Intentional gun fire with injury or death
2/1- Salvador B. Castro Middle school

Los Angeles, CA

1/3-Olive Elementary School

Saint Johns, MI

1/4-New Start High School


1/20-Wake Forest University

Salem, NC

1/10-Coronado Elementary School

Sierra Vista,AZ

1/10-Grayson College

Denison, TX

1/22-Italy HIgh School


1/10-California State University

San Bernardino, CA

1/22-The NET Charter HIgh School


1/15-Wiley College

Marshall, TX

1/23-Marshall County High School


1/25-Murphy High School

Mobile, AL

1/31-Lincoln HIgh School

Philadelphia, PA

1/26-Dearborn High School

Dearborn, MI

2/5-Oxon Hills High School

Oxon Hill, MD

2/5-Harmony Learning Center

Maplewood, MN

2/14-Majory Stoneman Douglas High School

Parkland, Florida

2/8-The Metropolitan HIgh School

New York, NY



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School Shootings in 2018