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March 14: The Walk Out Day

On March 14th, schools across the country are planning a walk out day to protest the gun laws.

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March 14: The Walk Out Day

Raul Becerra, News Editor

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On February 14th, in Parkland Florida, a school shooting occurred leaving seventeen dead, including a number of students, the athletic director, and football coach. Seventeen people were killed, including the athletic director, and the football coach. This was the 18th school shooting that has happened in the year of 2018.


For only being the third month of the year, 18 school shootings is unacceptable. Because of this, people are starting to ask themselves whether gun control should be more strict.


The students at Parkland have responded to this by staging a massive Walk Out on March 14th to protest these gun laws.


However, some people are against gun control and the Walk Out.


According to CNN, the schools at the Needville Independent School District in Texas will not tolerate any protests on that day.


“Life is all about choices and every choice has a consequence whether it be positive or negative,” Superintendent Curtis Rhodes said in a statement posted on the Needville High School Facebook page.

“We will discipline no matter if it is one, fifty, or five hundred students involved. All will be suspended for 3 days and parent notes will not alleviate the discipline.”


This statement is an example of the growing tensions between gun rights activists and gun control activists. There is still a large number of people who are against gun control and will tolerate any protests that might make stricter gun laws.


Ulrich, PHS Principal, is not opposed to considering other options for protesting.


I will discuss this with Dr. Sjoberg to see what his feelings are about this,” Ulrich said in an email recently. “If not a walkout, maybe we could do something else to show our concerns.”


If the school district were to support the Walk Out Day, what might be The turn out?  Would it have the effect on the nation that many hope to achieve?  Can it actually help to promote gun reform?  


Only time will tell.


Please take our poll on this subject.


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March 14: The Walk Out Day