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Poteau: A Stagnant City

Something for everyone or nothing for anyone?

Annais Bott, Staff

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According to the Chamber of Commerce website,, there is “something for everyone” in Poteau, Oklahoma.


Something meaning twenty-one attractions to keep this county seat interesting. Most of these attractions are related to sightseeing, centered around small children, or has an educational purpose.


Poteau’s ability to entertain its youth is nonexistent. Cries could be heard for miles from Poteau High School if anyone cared to listen. Students need a new escape; a new hangout.


Since moving to the area, I have visited nearly all of the attractions listed on the Chamber of Commerce website. Sadly, the Poteau area is not all it was made out to be. I have been to sporting events, Cavanal Hill (three times), tried nearly every food vendor on the few mile stretch that runs through Poteau, visited the bowling alley and the skate park, and finally visited the “famous” Braum’s.


When I realized my top spots were the Cappuccino Crunch ice cream and the animal shelter, I began asking fellow classmates what they did for fun. My answers were less than spectacular. A few suggested Cavanal Hill or that I try a local hibachi truck that many people liked; more times than not the response was “ There isn’t much to do here.”.


Many of my classmates spend their time in extracurricular activities, playing video games, fishing, working, or partying. Though my census may not do justice for all of my classmates, it was clear students need a new option.


My solution comes all the way from Europe and takes the shape of a teen club. They have been done as an experimental project and have been successful. Themed nights, dancing, food and drinks, and up to date music have driven drove delinquency and teen DUI rates to all time lows in some places. Teens would be carded to ensure their age fits within a predetermined age group. First time visitors would need to fill out and sign safety and liability forms including an emergency contact.


Poteau could benefit from embracing and shaping a vibrant night for its youth. Whether by my idea or another, teens of the Poteau area needs are being left unattended.

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Poteau: A Stagnant City