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  • Oct 17, 12:46 pmThree students compete in Greenhand Quiz competition; Brett Hoffman places 6th overall.

  • Oct 16, 11:19 amAcademic Bowl Team scheduled to host LeFlore County Tournament on October 23.

  • Oct 16, 11:18 amBoys Cross Country and two members of the girls team to compete at State Saturday October 20

Budding Actors

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My name is Briar Bowen. I am a junior and am involved in Soccer, Art Club, Pirate Players Theatre Co. and Journalism.


My name is Dillon Scarcelli. I am a sophomore and am involved in Journalism, Art Club, and Pirate Players Theatre Co. I’m a Thespian Pledge as well.


We are fledgling actors in the theatre world and are looking to stake our claim. We auditioned for roles in One Acts and received parts in both shows. Briar received the lead role of Lafayette in Madness in the Eye of the Beholder and Simon Black in MoneyMaker. Dillon was cast as Kurt in Madness in the Eye of the Beholder and Inspector Broderick in MoneyMaker. We both are new to this kind of stuff so it’s going to be a new experience and we are extremely excited to do this. Although with an unfortunate turn of events, Briar ended up being cut from both shows because he fell ill on the day of the last dress rehearsal.


Being a new actor comes with its challenges. There’s a lot of stuff to take into account. Newbies like us don’t know much about how act on stage. These are some very useful things to know while on stage.


I, Briar, have come across a few instances where I had no idea what I was doing. I’ve taken advice from several people on how to develop my characters, like studying the eras and cultural influences. As for being in costume, it was pretty irritating in my opinion. Wearing so many articles of clothing gets annoying and hot. Knowing that people are going to be expecting me to perform well unnerves me. I do not think I have any fears other than forgetting my lines and freezing up.


I, Dillon, have had only a few troubles while doing this show such as forgetting lines. When that happens, I’ll try my best not to freeze up, so I improvise because I don’t wanna stand there awkwardly and freeze up. I had people go through my lines with me to help me. They would also help keep me calm so I wouldn’t freak out over forgetting lines because I’m new to acting so it can be both scary and difficult. I’ve had people help coach me through it so I can focus on my part more. Another problem I had was I would turn my back on the crowd which was really difficult to overcome, but Noah, my director, helped me through it. Other then that I didn’t have any other problems. Getting into character was easy and really fun for me cause I feel like I’m actually that person. I also helps you not focus on the people in the crowd. My costume was really hot and sweaty and it could be uncomfortable. I didn’t care that much about it though. This being my first show, I feel like I did a good job, and I put in a lot of effort. I really enjoyed it, and it has inspired me to keep acting and audition in other shows.


This new and unfamiliar process has brought in many novices into the theatre world, including us, but we’re trying our best and giving it our all. Getting into acting has been fun albeit stressful at times. We encourage others that are interested in acting to take the next step like we did.


If you are interested, you should audition for the next show Rumors on November 6th. For more information, you should contact a Thespian or Mrs. Peck.

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Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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Budding Actors